Leadership Training

The Practical Leadership Training is not about theory or academia. It is delivered to you by Mike Maguire, a multi-award winning Community Pharmacist who lives and breathes Community Pharmacy, and who applies the Practical Leadership Training on a daily basis both in his own Independent Pharmacy and when leading local strategy for CCGs and NHS England.

So What Leadership Training is Available?

Pretty much whatever the client needs, from one to one through to group sessions. The sessions can be delivered in a single day, or over a period of three to four evenings. The content is based on the Lifestyle Architecture Success System© and is then tailored to suit the client, which have ranged from Pharmacy Teams and University Students to LPCs, and from Schools to an MP. Healthy Living Pharmacy Leaders are a perfect recipient of the Practical Leadership Training and the reason why is contained in the title Practical Leadership Training. From the experience of running an award-winning Healthy Living Pharmacy, delegates are given a step by step guide of how to Practically Apply the content of the training in their own pharmacy. The application is key. We can have all the Leadership knowledge in the world, but if we don’t know how to apply it to our situation, then it is pretty much useless. The Practical Leadership Training will deliver measurable outcomes and results. Can you afford to miss it?

The Six Compasses ©

The Six Compasses are the foundations on which to build your successful Healthy Living Pharmacy, giving you the tools to navigate your journey as a Practical Leader resulting in the outcomes for you, your team, and for your patients, that you know you deserve to achieve. This will give you and your team direction and purpose. It is what will differentiate your pharmacy from the competition and propel your pharmacy forward with new energy and identity.

The Big Picture ©

So what is the purpose of a Healthy Living Pharmacy? The concept of The Big Picture will add clarity to your understanding of why Healthy Living Pharmacy is a critical ingredient of shaping your own Big Picture. By blending creativity and discovery, focussing on your habitual behaviour patterns, considering what you give to your goals and targets, and assessing good times and lessons through your experiences, you will start to realise your potential to impact on The Big Picture, and this will manifest itself in how you lead in your pharmacy.

The Path to Peak Performance ©

Showing you the formula to enhance performance of both you as a leader and your team around you. By adding clarity to your Identity, Purpose and Meaning, the application of this formula will put you and your team in a strong position to deliver against your KPIs. Highlighting the path to make future performance a matter of choice rather than chance, this session will create a mechanism to identify, and build bridges to overcome, the barriers to peak performance.

Creating Your Action Plan

Starting with the Stages and Phases of Role Specific Development©, then developing how you lead your team, and considering the Relationships that you need to build to achieve success, you will then create your Action Plan. This session will ensure that the value that you gain from the Practical Leadership Training will impact on your day to day life, leaving you with a framework and structure that you can apply to overcome whatever challenges that you may encounter in your journey through life, moving you on a continuing spiral of success.