Does your pharmacy business have an effective leader?

From leading ourselves to leading others, we sometimes just need a little inspiration, guidance and some tangible, practical examples of successful Pharmacy Leadership, and it is amazing the difference that we can make.

The Practical Leadership Training Programme will give you the tools, the techniques, and the tips to take you further than maybe you could even imagine. This programme will change the way that you feel, think and act as a Leader. Not only will you develop yourself but your whole team will grow with you.

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Our Vision

In the future, we see The Practical Leadership Training Company as the Leaders in Leadership Training.

Our Values

We love making a difference to people’s lives, by changing the way that they think, feel and behave as Leaders. We care about developing people, and we care about what is important to the people we engage with.

Our Promise

The Practical Leadership Training will enhance performance, it will create time, deliver outcomes, and give you and your pharmacy the differential from your competition.

Our Philosophy

We use the Kaizen principle, constantly looking at ways to improve and evolve, while keeping it fun and inspiring.

Our Positioning

The Practical Leadership Training is different to anything that Pharmacy has ever seen before, and it will be Number 1 in its field, because it is unique.

Our Engagement Framework

We love working with organisations, teams and individuals who are equally passionate about people development, and who see the potential within their own teams and within themselves.

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